Immersive Sound Bath Experience with Tom Montagliano

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Immersive Sound Bath Experience with Tom Montagliano

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Surround Sound Music for your Brain!

Tom Montagliano is a well known Spacial Sound Artist touring the country to perform sound baths. He will be performing at Fulton Yoga Collective on Sunday, July 30th from 12-8pm. 

Admission to this event is $15, or for those of you who would love to volunteer for this event, tickets will be free of charge; please call the Fulton Yoga Collective at (559) 921 - YOGA (9642) to place your name on the list.
Also FREE of charge with Burning Man 2017 Ticket Stub.

An Immersive Sound Bath is very similar in nature to a traditional sound baths, however, instead of playing instruments such as glass bowls or gongs, the sounds are created within a circle of 8 independent speakers utilizing the infinite possibilities of electronic sounds. With this unique setup, the movement and frequency of the sounds can be controlled on a very precise level using custom software to move sound in a circular pattern. The cyclical nature of the swirling sounds invokes a blissful and peaceful trancelike state unlike any other. 

Additionally, because the sounds selected are neutral (not from nature or traditional instruments) it enables listeners to become easily immersed in thought and to effortlessly project their own imagery onto the soundscape.

The Immersive Sound Bath itself begins by inviting the group to create a cozy place for themselves on the floor with pads, blankets, pillows, and perhaps, an eye cover. Then there is a brief introduction and greeting followed by 50 minutes of ambient electronic music with 8 speakers setup in a circle around the group. After the immersion comes to a gentle closing, the session ends with a few minutes of silence as they slowly come back into awareness.

To listen to a sample of an Immersive Sound Bath please look at

About Tom:

Tom Montagliano is a spatial sound artist who focuses on creating pieces of music that explore the boundaries of modern conventions for sound and redefining how a performance looks and feels.

"I have found beauty and inspiration in many different forms of music and expression. In grade school, I learned to play the saxophone, which spurred a life-long interest in music that led me to play in concert bands, marching bands, jazz bands, and finally a ska band named The Motives. It was there when I began to write and sing songs. It was a good fit for me, so I learned guitar in order to sing and play an instrument at the same time. From there, I joined a progressive rock band named Argus Eye, and then a jam band named Pia Mater where I learned to improvise. I discovered that I loved effects and sound manipulation so I invested in tons of pedals and toys. I also put out 3 self-released solo records under the name Maudlin Maladies around the same time.

In 2012, I had an interesting idea. What if I took 3 stereo delay pedals, connected the outputs of one to the other 2 and then made the delays all the same. So I setup the pedals and spread out 4 speakers into the 4 corners of my room. When I plugged my guitar in and played a few chords I was blown away by the intensity of the sound. It was a beautiful moment, and the beginning of my exploration into multi-channel sound.

Soon after, I organized all my ideas concerning this "quadraphonic" setup into compositions. I played house shows and in living rooms throughout Rochester, NY. The audience's experiences from these shows was unlike any other performance I had ever done, and I received a lot of really encouraging feedback.

I moved on to create more ambitious pieces and recruited 2 friends to perform with me in a group called the Quadratic Trio. We used the quadraphonic setup to create 40 minutes worth of composed work which we performed both alone and paired with dance.

In 2013, I decided to leave Rochester for New York City. I continued to work with quadraphonic sound but shifted to pre-recorded electronic compositions so that I could have more control. I did a few performances with this setup, but felt it was limiting so I started pursuing ways to make my own plugins. That's when I started using Max for Live with Ableton. It provided the versatility I needed to created my own effects. 

I eventually moved to 8 channels and invested in high fidelity speakers and stands. I have written dozens of pieces in 8-channel sound and performed on rooftops, in churches, and in various spaces throughout New York. I continue to find new and interesting ways to work with this medium and plan on continuing to create music with multi-channel audio."

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