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Inner Core Development with Kyal Singh

Relaxed Body - Relaxed Mind

The body is a canvas of our psyche and should have as much range of motion, flexibility and movement without pain as possible.

Knowing our body and being able to maintain the functioning of it brings us one step closer to self-sustainability and an excellent example for our future generations

Engage & strengthen your core, increase your range of motion, integrate your breath with movement, learn to move with ease & power.

Re-program and rewrite movement patterns, free yourself from limitations due to past trauma and/or injuries.  Empower yourself with the tools to manage your stress & uncomfortability in your body while learning and developing easy habits that will lead to a revolution of the mind and body - a new you!

Release, engage and strengthen the Psoas, an important muscle that connects the lower and upper parts of the body, which affects lower back pain, posture, feelings of insecurity, fight or flight instincts, stress hormones & digestion.

What does the class entail?

  • Foam Rolling exercises for the spine, neck & shoulders based on corrective programs given by holistic kinesiology coach Kyal Singh.

  • Simple movements to release tension and move the lymphatic fluids.

  • Connect to your body and heal yourself with breath and visualization techniques.

  • Stretches for hip-opening, psoas & shoulder release and overall increased flexibility.

  • Mobilizations and exercises for strong glutes & core

  • Oxygenate your entire body, arguable the most effective method to fight free-radicals naturally while lowering inflammation, a precursor to dis-ease.

  • Learn principles for working out safely without injury

  • Develop optimal posture!

The mindful practices in this class are intended to take home with you and be a part of your daily life.  No class is the same and will provide new and exciting challenges for returnees while still being applicable to newcomers.

This class/intensive is a precursor to a sexual vitality workshop.