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Ayurvedic Thai Yoga with Suzy (Level 2 Certification Cont.)

**SomaVeda Fundamentals Level 1 certification required to take this course.**

What is SomaVeda® Thai Yoga?
SomaVeda® Thai Yoga is the foundation of a comprehensive and effective System of Healing, founded by Dr. Anthony James. Practitioners of SomaVeda® learn to facilitate a holistic, therapeutic experience for their Clients, Friends, and Family, drawing not only from Traditional Thai Yoga (Thai Physical Therapy), but also from Ayurveda, TCM, Native American Medicine, Naturopathy & EFT. This Fundamentals class is part of a progressive series. The Level 2 training is the next step in the progression. Email if you have any questions.

> Level II (48 HRs) / (Level I Prerequisite, available Sept. 8-10)
Sept. 23&24, Oct. 7&8, Oct. 21&22
>>> 9am-6pm on both Sat & Sun each weekend that is scheduled - Contact Suzy to request your future dates.

Tuition: $800 Early Bird Date
$850 After or with payments broken up for the three weekends. Deposits are non-refundable.
Books/Course Material: $154.80
total upon registration will reflect tuition PLUS book costs: $954.80 with early bird by first class.
$1000 in payments by the end of class. 
**details on what this book price covers below

> COMBINED CLASSES Total 68 HRS > Levels I & II
Tution: $1000 Paid in full by September 8th ($350 Deposit Required for payments)
Books (for level 2): $154.80 (separate payment)

Level 2 Book Set Covers:
1. Ayurveda Thai Yoga Workbook
2. Ayurveda Textbook
3. What is SomaVeda Textbook
4. B.E.T. Bio Tapping Manual
5. Vitalism Home Study Online Course

QUESTIONS / REGISTRATION - | follow this link:

>> Level I - The Fundamentals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, sets the student up for a general outline of an hour long Thai Yoga session, developing basic skills in 16 different therapeutic postures, general application of all five attitudes (supine, side-lying, prone, second supine, seated) and how to sequence each together in a flowing, singular, healing movement for both practioner and client. (First weekend session of four.)

>> Level II - Ayurvedic Thai Yoga - also know as "Royal Thai Massage," and what SomaVeda calls "Southern Royal Method." Learn a 9-12 hour Therapeutic Protocol that was crafted specifically for the Royal family of Thailand. Build upon the foundation set in Level I, adding more therapeutic postures & techniques that amount up to a singular, flowing 90-minute session, providing more in depth application of all five attitudes (supine, side-lying, prone, second supine, seated). Also known as the Southern Royal Method, we honor the most traditional Wat Po or Wat Chetaphon based method in this course. Discussion will traverse theories of sen lines (energy lines), the 10 principle sen lines or nadis, 7 primary chakras, basic physiology & anatomy and ayurvedic approaches as it relates to the level of Thai Yoga being taught. (Weekends 2-4 ) Each of the five attitudes, plus two general assessment sessions comprise our SomaVeda Therapeutic Day Protocol. This system is perfect to deepen any modality or practice by providing a thorough and sophisticated, health care framework for your existing skill set.

**We also highly emphasize and learn how to integrate emotional balancing through BET- Biotapping (EFT) & nutritional counseling as it applies to ourselves & our clients throughout the Level II training.

Please RSVP to I or II, or I & II Training Levels. 

Earlier Event: October 5
ArtHop: Yogi Social
Later Event: October 7
Yoga in the Park