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Movement to Enhance Therapy: A Workshop for Therapists

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This workshop for therapists is an introduction to how patients and their therapists can use movement as an alternate route to self-awareness to supplement therapy. I will guide you through experiences to explore your life through movement. The majority of the exercises are done individually with minimal interaction while a few are interactive. You determine your degree of participation.

Perceive the messages of the body and integrate that conscious and unconscious knowledge of who we are and how we want our lives to unfold.

Exercises may include: 

Personal Gesture - It’s origin and meaning

Figure-foreground - The body in space 

Mirrored-movement - Experience the movement and the message of others

Improv - Tap in to the body as the messenger

Movement, Mind, Emotion - The symbiotic relationship between the three

Music and Rhythm - Use music and rhythm to alter mind, body and emotion

Myth and Movement - A back door to unconscious archetypes

Movement as Memoir - Re-experience old memories through dance


Cost: $100

For Information and enrollment contact Carolyn Zutler via email to, or by phone at (559)250-9108.

More About the Instructor ...

Carolyn Zutler holds a BA undergraduate degree in Dance-Movement Therapy (DMT) and an MS in Health Care Management. Her first jobs in Dance-Movement Therapy were at Atascadero State Mental Hospital and Prairie View Mental Health Systems. Later she worked in management and program development for Kings View Mental Health System, the YMCA, and Associated Center for Therapy and others. 

DMT can be an adjunct to psycho, occupational, or physical therapy. It can be used in mental or physical illness, with developmentally disabled or autistic clients in an inpatient or outpatient setting. The upcoming workshop in movement therapy is focused on working with high-functioning, motivated individual interested in increasing self awareness personal satisfaction. The work easily adapts to people who are in a period of struggle with difficult situations and experiences.

DMT is based on the concept that there is a strong interactive body-mind relationship; that our bodies have their own way of knowing.  Our bodies are a map of who we are and where we’ve been. There is muscle memory that is deeper than cognitive memory, akin to remembering how to ride a bicycle. Our bodies are shaped by genetics, learned movement, culture and the physical or emotional experiences of our lives. Events that have been forgotten or repressed, or exist in an unconscious state or that occurred before we developed language are imprinted in our bodies and can be accessed through movement.

Explorative movement can trigger muscle memories, evoke emotional changes and prompt unconscious memories to arise. New connections between past and current experiences/emotions can become conscious and bring new insights or integration.

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