Move into stillness with our most challenging class. We will begin with vinyasa-styled Yoga to warm up the body followed by sustained asanas, core focused practices and challenging balancing poses. Class ends with soothing deep stretches and Savasana. Perfect for those seeking a more active and challenging practice.

Mondays 7:30PM - 8:20PM

Tuesdays 7:30PM - 8:20PM

Wednesdays 7:30PM - 8:20PM

Intermediate. All levels welcome. ♡


Buti yoga is a trademarked style of yoga that combines jump training (plyometrics), tribal dancing and dynamic yoga asanas into an intense workout. In Marathi, the language spoken in parts of western India, buti means "a secret remedy or cure."

This cardio-intensive yoga workout is designed to transform body and soul through the trademark method of Spiral Structure Technique (SST), which forms the basis for Buti yoga's dynamic flow sequence. SST uses spinal movement to tone of the core, rather than the linear movement found in many yoga practices. The spiral movements are thought to be more appropriate for a woman's body. SST is designed target to both the inner stabilizing and outer muscles.

Tuesdays 5:30PM - 6:20PM

Intermediate. All levels welcome. ♡

Yoga Conditioning.png

Yoga Conditioning

Yoga Conditioning blends dynamic strength training or functional mobility practices with the mindful principles of yoga for increased cardiovascular fitness, physical recovery, agility, and body confidence. Featuring high intensity intervals or the use of mobility enhancing props, yoga conditioning builds stamina, increases range of motion, and improves aerobic capacity.

Thursday 7:30PM - 8:20PM

Intermediate. All levels welcome. ♡

Charka Activation Flow.png

Holistic Yoga Flow

Holistic Yoga Flow offers a well-balanced vinyasa flow, while bringing in yogic philosophy and inspiring affirmations. Throughout, the style fosters mindfulness of the body through anatomy and alignment so as to void injury, both short- and long-term.

The class is best suited to levels 1 & 2, but can be for All Levels. We offer multiple levels/ adjustments for each pose we practice.

Wednesday 6:30PM - 7:30PM

Intermediate. All levels welcome. ♡